The Development of Texas Holdem Poker

Nothing can beat Texas Holdem as the most popular Poker in the world but as the fan of this game, you should know the history of holdem itself. Back then, Texas Holdem was hard to be popular since it was played in the small casino and it made professional players not interested in this game. However, the development of this game is increasing rapidly because of some people who really brought this Poker to the next level through tournament and now it becomes the main event in every tournament.

Poker Texas Holdem Became The Main Event of WSOP

Tom Moore established the convention just to gamble in Las vegas and the idea was gathering the best players together. However, his idea and attempt to do it failed though he already named it as Gambling Fraternity Convention. Later in 1970, Benny and also Jack Binion which were actually father and son bought rights to Gambling Fraternity Convention and they changed the name with World Series of Poker. It was the big moment and milestone for this card game to show in front of people.

The first tournament of WSOP was held in their own casino named, The Binion’s Horseshoe. The game was created as the cash game series included so many types of card games such as Texas Holdem, 7-card stud, razz, 7-low ball, deuce and 5-card stud. Johnny Moss was the first winner in 1970 at WSOP and he received silver cup as his prize.

Right after a year from the first tournament, Tom Thackrey who was a journalist gave advice that No Limit Texas Holdem should be the main event of this Poker tournament.

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